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We Did It, Bs! Colourette Closes Seed Funding led by Foxmont Capital Partners

Posted by Team Colourette on
Niv Della, a Philippine homegrown cosmetics company committed to bringing high-quality, affordable, and effective beauty and skincare products to Filipinos through its Colourette and Fresh Formula brands have been seeded by Foxmont Capital Partners.

Bleach Cloud and Sky Dye: Colourette's New "Mane" Characters!

Posted by Team Colourette on

Look, 2021 was cute. But in 2022, we’re ready to have our #ManeCharacter moment. And nothing else screams "main character montage" like a few rounds with our Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit and Sky Dye...

So What’s the Tarot Tea on Our Zodiacs?

Posted by Team Colourette on

“Hey, bestie! If you see this on your For You page, this may be for you.”  Sound familiar? If you’re like us and you’ve let TikTok take over your free time, then you may have...

“Skin Tone” and “Undertone”: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Team Colourette on

“Skin tone” and “undertone” are two terms you’ve probably heard during our livestreams and GRWM videos. While these might sound the same, they’re actually not! So for the besties who want to learn the difference...

What's So Great About the Colourtints?

Posted by Team Colourette on

A lot, TBH. And we’re not even being cheeky about it! The Colourtints are cult favorites for a reason. From the formula to the packaging to the shade range, the Colourtints are the everyday Filipina’s/Filipino’s...

A Crash Course on Colourette

Posted by Team Colourette on

“Ms. Nina!”“Multi-use!”“Boss Babe!”These may be the first things that come to mind when someone mentions Colourette, and for good reason! These three key points are tied in with many aspects of the brand, and they're...

About the Founder

Colourette founder Nina Ellaine Dizon started the brand from her love for makeup. An entrepreneur even at a young age, Nina was able to establish a name through hard work, grit, and passion. When she built Colourette, she aimed for it to be an inclusive brand fit for the Filipino lifestyle. Nine years into Colourette, Nina remains at the helm of the brand’s product development and continues to create makeup that is made for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

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