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Bleach Cloud and Sky Dye: Colourette's New "Mane" Characters!

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Bleach Cloud and Sky Dye: Colourette's New "Mane" Characters!

Look, 2021 was cute. But in 2022, we’re ready to have our #ManeCharacter moment. And nothing else screams "main character montage" like a few rounds with our Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit and Sky Dye Semi-Permanent Hair Dye!

Learn how to manifest #ManeCharacter energy with Colourette's first ever foray into the world of hair!

Start Your #ManeCharacter Arc With Bleach Cloud

If you’ve ever thought about dyeing your hair bright colours, you’ve probably already been told (by friends and/or Google) that you would need to bleach it first. This is because bleaching strips your hair of its natural pigment, leaving behind a blank base perfect for the new and exciting colours you want to try. Bleached hair will always have a better chance of properly absorbing hair dye pigment compared to virgin hair (hair that has never been chemically treated).

This is where the Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit comes in! Bleach Cloud lifts and lightens hair colour up to 3-4 levels in one go. Use this to lighten your hair colour before applying Sky Dye! Our formula is 100% vegan*, cruelty-free*, and paraben-free.

The Bleach Cloud kit includes 30 Volume developer and powder bleach. And as of posting this, the set also contains a free bowl, brush, and pair of gloves—everything you’ll need for a #BleachBlast at home. The whole bundle retails for Php 599 on Shopee, Lazada, and our website.

Make sure to read and follow the instructions included inside the kit as bleaching results may vary depending on your hair colour and hair type!

*DISCLAIMER: Bleach Cloud contains cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20, which are both partially sourced from palm oil, an ingredient vegans usually avoid. Palm oil is naturally sourced from palm trees and is not directly produced by animals. However, the logging of palm trees could potentially harm the natural habitat of some species. Because of this, we made sure our palm oil raw material supplier is accredited by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO – an organization that created standard criteria to certify that the palm oil used by certain companies is 100% sustainably and ethically sourced.

Dare to Dream With Sky Dye!

So your hair is bleached, primed, and ready for your #DreamDye thanks to Bleach Cloud… now we can get to the fun part!

Enter: Sky Dye Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (nickname: “Sky Dye”). It’s a nourishing semi-permanent hair dye formulated with moisturizing ingredients, leaving your locks not only with shiny and vivid colour but also feeling soft to the touch!

This #DreamDye retails for Php 599 each, and is available in eight bold and fun shades that you can play with!

Sky Dye can last on your locks for approximately 4-6 weeks, with no streaking or bleeding!

Our formula is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, ammonia-free, and paraben-free.

Ready to Start Your #ManeCharacter Journey?

Great! And we have just the thing to send you on your way: Bleach Cloud sets and all our Sky Dye shades are actually Php 100 off on our website AND on Shopee and Lazada until March 7 only!

Call it a coincidence or don't, but maybe even the universe approves of you starting your #ManeCharacter era!

If you already have an idea of what the new you is gonna look like, that’s great! We can’t wait to see it!

But if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! We’ve got your back. You can check out this handy-dandy Hair Hotline quiz we made just for you! This quiz will help you get to know your hair a little better before walking you through everything you need to know to get the hair colour of your dreams.

If you’re curious about how our Sky Dye shades would look on you, just head over to our Instagram and look for our “Colourette Sky Dye” filter. Adjust your hair level, choose your #DreamDye shade, and see if it passes your vibe check!

Which shades are you most excited to try, b? Drop them in the comments below!

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