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Colourette Cosmetics

How can I contact Colourette?

Hi there! For any concerns regarding your order status, product complaints, and queries of the like — you can contact us via chat on the platform you ordered on! For other general concerns, product advice, and more — you can let us know via chat on our social media!


Talk to us here!

How can I order Colourette on the website?

All you need is a few clicks, b! Take note of the following steps so you can order your Colourette haul as soon as possible:

  • Scroll through our products
  • Add to cart your faves
  • Upon checkout, enter your updated contact information and delivery details
  • Select your preferred shipping and payment option
  • Complete payment (if non-COD order)
  • Receive tracking number
  • Wait for your Colourette goodies to arrive

We hope you love your haul!

How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee is a standard rate of Php 50 NATIONWIDE!

What are the payment options I can choose from? 

You can opt to use:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • E-Wallet (GCash)

How will my order be packed?

You can expect all goodies to packed securely! Depending on availability and the quantity ordered, your haul will arrive in either a small bubble mailer, or a small or large box.

Can I change or cancel my order after it's been placed?

Once your order has been entered into the system, it can't be changed or modified. You may instead simply cancel your original order within 24 hours of placing it by filling out the Order Cancellation Form. Once this has been done, you can order again.

However, once your package has been shipped and you've received your tracking number, you can no longer cancel your order. Kindly triple check your order and all necessary details before checking out!

Can I make special requests to my order?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of orders we receive, aren't able to accommodate special requests or customizations at the moment.

Where else can I purchase your products?

Colourette products are sold online via, as well as Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL, Watsons Online, SM Online, GoRobinsons, RDS Lazada. If you're located internationally, you can order from our official global partner,!

Colourette products are also sold in our branches nationwide, as well as through our official Partners in your area!

How long will it take before I receive my order?

All shipments are made on the next business day — we'll turnover your Colourette haul to our courier partner as soon as we can! As soon as they're shipped out, you can expect them within the following days:

  • Metro Manila: 1-3 days
  • Luzon: 2-4 days
  • Visayas: 5-7 days
  • Mindanao: 7-10 days
  • Island (i.e Palawan): 7-10 days, could vary up until 1 month especially for hard-to-reach locations

NOTE: The actual delivery period could extend depending on many factors such as quarantine guidelines, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and love!

How can I track my order? What courier do you use?

All your Colourette hauls will be delivered by J&T Express Philippines! Upon the fulfillment of your order, the tracking number and a link to track your package will be sent to your indicated email. You may also track your package here!

I received wrong/incomplete/damaged items! What can I do?

In the case of wrong/incomplete/damaged items, kindly e-mail us at or fill up this form within seven (7) days upon receiving your package. Please include in your email the complete details of your concern including your name, address, and contact number, order number, as well as photos of your waybill and items received. We will review the information and gladly replace your item upon verification of your concern!

Do I need to return the concerned items?

If the products concerned are approved for replacement, no need to return the items! The shipping fee for your replacement is on us, too!

I'd prefer a refund instead of a replacement. Is this possible?

Of course! Just make sure to indicate this in your email.

I have suggestions and want to share my feedback! Where can I reach out?

We're always listening and we'd love to keep learning from you! Just fill out this form to share your thoughts and customer experience with us!

How can I become a Colourette Partner?

Unfortunately, we are not taking any new Partner or Reseller applications at the moment.

Are your products safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Although our products are carefully crafted to suit even the most sensitive skin, it's still best to check with your gynecologist or dermatologist! You can also ask them for a list of ingredients that are not allowed for you!

Are your products non-comedogenic?

Our products haven't gone through comedogenicity tests. Rest assured that all ingredients used are all FDA-approved!

Are your products cruelty-free?

Definitely! No animals were harmed when we developed our products!

Are your products paraben-free?

Yes! All our products don’t contain any parabens!

Are your products vegan?

Unfortunately, not all of them are. Our Colourtints and Coloursnaps use an ingredient called “beeswax” which is secreted by bees!

If your products are cruelty-free, how do you test your products?

We’re a team blessed with various skin types and skin tones! We try them on ourselves!

Are your products organic?

We’re very delicate with how we market our products, and we always stay true to our consumers. Organic colourants are almost nonexistent, especially locally, and the use of preservatives doesn’t fall into this category, either. So no, our products are not organic.

What's the difference between Shelf Life and the Period After Opening (PAO)?

The shelf life of a product refers to the amount of time before a product will expire based on its manufacturing date while the period after opening (PAO) refers to the amount of time a product will remain safe for use upon opening.

Where I can find the expiry information?

The batch code and PAO of our products can be found on the packaging. You may look for these on the boxes or packaging of any Colourette fave and trace the expiry date there! Most batch numbers are printed with the last 4 digits representing Month/Year. (ie. F01MG0221 – manufactured in February 2021)

Colourette Catalogue Colourbalm Shimmertint Easy Matte Blur Balm Colourglaze Coloursnaps Colourtint
SRP 349.00 399.00 399.00 399.00 399.00 349.00 399.00
Vegan Contains beeswax Contains beeswax
Shelf Life 24 months 24 months 36 months 36 months 24 months 24 months 36 months
Period After Opening 12 months 12 months 24 months 24 months 12 months 12 months 24 months
My Colourtint is separating! Is this normal?

This is normal, and nothing to worry about ⁠— since the Colourtint pigment is heavier than the rest of the formula, it tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle if it hasn’t been moved in a while. Make sure to shake it up real good before using it!

Why do I see red pigment on my Colourtint’s container?

This is completely normal! The dots are the result of the friction between the steel ball and some of the red pigment. Rest assured it doesn't affect the product and will disappear when applied!

Why does the color seem to differ for each person?

The Colourtints go through a standard process that ensures all pieces of the same shade are uniform! However, the look of it may differ slightly from person to person depending on many factors such as one’s skin tone, body chemistry, and pH level. Likewise, a swatch on your arm may differ in color from a swatch on your lips.

I hear something inside my Colourtint. What is it?

Every Colourtint has a metal ball! This is always included inside to make sure the pigment and oil will be mixed well before application. The metal ball could also get stuck between pigments! Remember to shake ‘em up real good or firmly tap on the bottom part of the container to dislodge the ball.

Why are there different amounts of pigment per shade?

Colourtints have different, unique ratios of base to pigment depending on the variant and shade. This is to ensure that we get the right colour for each particular shade!

Are Colourtints transfer proof?

The Colourtints are multi-use tints which we don't claim to be transfer proof but they’re definitely long lasting!

I’m afraid that my Coloursnap will melt, especially during summer! Is this possible?

This scenario happens rarely. However, since our Coloursnap is wax-based, there is a chance of it melting if it’s exposed to excessive heat, such as an open stove or oven, or leaving it outdoors. To keep your product in good condition, make sure to always store it in areas with cool temperatures.

My Coloursnap had white spots when I opened it. What are those?

This is normal as long as there are no moulds! This is called “blooming,” which happens when a wax-based product encounters a sudden drop in temperature then goes back to room temperature!

Why does my Coloursnap have cracks on the top?

This happens when the bottom part of the product dries first before the top. Don’t worry — this is normal for wax-based products!

Why do I see droplets on my Coloursnap?

This is normal for wax-based products especially when it encounters a drop in temperature! All you have to do is pop it in a cool area!

How does the Colourglaze plump the lips?

Our Colourglaze glosses contain just the right amount of peppermint! This ingredient gently stimulates the blood circulation in your lips, giving you the look of a fuller pout.

Are the Easy Mattes transfer proof?

Because they are bullet lippies, they still transfer. However, we made sure that the lippies don't fade from your lips too quickly despite this. During our wear test stage, our Easy Mattes lasted up to 6 hours with eating and drinking. However, product longevity will still depend on your body chemistry and activity during the day.

Tip: Use our Blur Balm under your Easy Matte lipstick to help prolong colour wear!
Why are there water droplets on my Easy Matte?

Our Easy Mattes and Blur Balm are made with a variety of different ingredients including oils and waxes. Once exposed to intense heat and humidity, the oils will slowly seep out on the surface as water droplets or “sweat”. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and won’t affect the product's quality.

Why do I see slight white bumps or crystallization on my Easy Matte? Is this normal?

Yes, it is completely normal for lipsticks with slim bullet packaging. Crystallization occurs when the formula touches the inner side of the packaging once it has reached the tolerable melting point. Those slightly white bumps or crystallization effects come out when the lipstick encounters sudden heat then goes back to normal temperature – this is just the same as when your chocolate melts and then solidifies again once placed inside the refrigerator!

Is the Shimmertint multi-use?

Yes, the Shimmertints can be used in different ways – on eyes, cheeks, and various other parts of your face! They can also be mixed with your foundation for a dewy, illuminating finish. Apply them over makeup or wear them alone on bare skin for a healthy-looking glow!

Why does my Shimmertint look underfilled?

We purposely didn't fill up the entire glass container to prevent leaks during transport. Rest assured, they still contain 10g of product as delcared on the packaging!

Why is my Colourbalm not completely filled up?

We purposely didn't fill up to the tube neck to prevent leaks during transport. Rest assured, they still contain 10g of product as declared on the packaging!

Does Colourbalm have SPF?

None! But it has Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated and well-moisturized!

What is the difference between Colourglaze and Colourbalm?

The Colourglaze is a plumping lip gloss for the perfect glossy pout, while the Colourbalm helps retain moisture with a slight shine and hint of colour!

About the Founder

Colourette founder Nina Ellaine Dizon started the brand from her love for makeup. An entrepreneur even at a young age, Nina was able to establish a name through hard work, grit, and passion. When she built Colourette, she aimed for it to be an inclusive brand fit for the Filipino lifestyle. Nine years into Colourette, Nina remains at the helm of the brand’s product development and continues to create makeup that is made for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

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